Reach out to your target audiences more effectively and efficiently. Your Japanese PR communications partner. We help you get your message through.

Global PR Strategies and Consulting. Our highly experienced professionals will support PR activities for global companies.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Y Communications is a strategic communication and public relations agency for globally expanding companies. We are known for providing customized public relations services designed to impact clients' business goals and objectives. We are dedicated in helping global clients make links to their target media and other key constituencies all over the world. We can help build your company's reputation and recognition.

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Our Strategic PR Services

Our basic PR service is to create media kit, press releases, distribution, and media contacts to successfully deliver clients' key messages to the market. We also provide optional services to plan and execute strategic PR activities such as building alliances, creating website, utilizing the use of social media, providing media training, and any other PR activities effective for clients.

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IT, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Consulting
Website Operations, Language Study, Translation/Interpretation, Education, Fitness, Counseling, Medical, Recruiting

Media Coverage
TV, National Newspaper, Local Newspaper, Sports Newspaper, Magazines (Business Magazine, Men's Magazine, Women's Magazine, and Specialized Magazine), Internet, and Radio

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