Our Strategic PR Services

Basic PR Service

This is a basic PR service to deliver key messages to the market effectively

1. Making Press Kit (Concept and Message)

In order to accurately deliver the key messages, concept, and service details of our clients to the market, we put a great deal of our effort in creating press kit.

We conduct thorough consultation on our clients to adjust the ways to present key messages and concept to best suit each press release.

2. Writing and Distributing Press Release

Based on annual activity plans of our clients, we create mid to long term public relations strategy, write and distribute press releases with high news values.

3. Contacting Media

Not just after the distribution of press releases, we constantly contact target media to maintain good and close relationship with media. Because of the close relationship we have with media, we are in the position to be able to find out what media and market demands, and we are capable of acquiring high quality coverage.

Basic PR Activities

  • providing consultation to plan effective PR activities
  • Writing, translating, re-writing of news releases and other PR documents
  • Creating and managing media list
  • Distributing news release
  • Contacting media
  • Setting up/promoting/attending media interviews
  • Monitoring news on market trend and coverage of clients' competitors

Optional Services

We provide the most effective strategic consultation.

1. Strategic PR Planning

We create cost effective strategic PR plans by combining basic PR approaches with other PR and marketing activities such as web/online measures (homepage, social media, etc), advertisement, overseas press release distribution, events, and alliance planning.

2. Executing Strategic PR Planning

We will build concrete schedule based on the strategic PR planning developed and execute successfully.

Examples of Optional Services

  • Media training
  • Clipping of articles covered
  • Alliance activity
  • Social gathering or discussion session with reporters
  • Planning and organizing seminars, events, and press conferences
  • Ad placement planning
  • Website creation
  • SEO, blogs, and twitter measures
  • Creating PR plan within budget from headquarters or creating supportive documents to win budget from headquarters
  • Joining conferences with headquarters to support market strategies in Japan
  • Competitive research
  • Data analysis for effective marketing activity

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